Freezer Repair

A freezer is a fairly simple appliance that can go on working for years and years. But like any machine, it will go wrong eventually. When it does, we at Dylan’s Appliance Repair are the folks to call.

It can be tempting to attempt a repair yourself, especially if you are normally handy around the house. However, DIY on your freezer should be approached with great caution. The fluids that run around inside your freezer are particularly hazardous to both you and the environment if they escape.

Here are some common problems you might encounter:

The Freezer Sounds Like a Marching Band

You’ll get used to the noises your freezer normally makes and will instantly recognize something different. If it starts banging and knocking, it’s a good indication that you have an issue with the evaporator coil.

A Build-Up of Frost

If your freezer’s temperature is set too low, you may see a buildup of frost. Make sure that it’s set close to 0°F. If frost is still building up, check the door gasket, particularly where you have the buildup. It may be damaged, or the door may be obstructed from closing properly. If the defrost cycle is malfunctioning, you will see frost buildup on the back wall of your freezer.

You Have a Leaking Freezer

If there’s only a little bit of water, don’t panic. It could be that someone has dropped an ice cube, or a piece of frost buildup has fallen on the floor. If there is more than a little water, it could indicate a blocked drain.

However, if you are seeing a lot of water, it is likely to be something more serious and it’s probably time you called Dylan’s Appliance Repair to take a look.

Your Freezer is Not Getting Cold at All

Check that there is power getting to the freezer. If the power light is illuminated, there’s nothing wrong with your power supply. However, if the light isn’t on, you might want to test your power outlet. You could try plugging a different appliance into the outlet to check that it’s working. If that doesn’t work, try plugging your freezer into a different outlet that you know works.

If everything points towards there being a fault with your freezer, give us a call.

Your Freezer is Not Getting Cold Enough

Check that the temperature control is set to around 0°F or slightly lower. If it isn’t, turning the temperature down should fix the problem.

Make sure the freezer isn’t too full, because that certainly doesn’t help. The optimum is no less than 70% and no more than 85% full, with food evenly distributed. This allows cold air to circulate the inside of the freezer.

Don’t put the freezer in an excessively warm part of your home, as it will struggle to keep temperatures down. A part of the house that ranges from 55°F and 110°F is ideal.

If none of the above works, you are likely to have a problem with the thermostat.

Call Us

If you are in any doubt whatsoever, call us to book an appointment for a visit from one of our fully trained and expert technicians. We’ll have your problem sorted in no time. Call (859) 208-1730 for the best appliance repair service in Covington and Cincinnati.