Oven Repair

Most of the problems we see with ovens are down to the heating element or the ignition system. Whatever the underlying cause, the bottom line is that you can’t cook when the oven isn’t working. It’s take-out or eat-out, neither of which is particularly cheap. You need your oven fixed as soon as possible.

Call Dylan’s Appliance Repair of Covington, Kentucky. We’ll have one of our fully-trained and qualified repair technicians on your doorstep in no time at all. We pride ourselves on being the best appliance repair company in the area.

Our technician will conduct a full inspection, diagnose the problem, and will explain your options in plain and understandable English. They will quote you exactly what it will cost, honestly and with no hidden fees.

Whatever the problem with your oven, we can fix it, quickly and cost-effectively.

Why did my oven break down?

It could be down to several things––an individual fault or a combination of different ones. Our technician will run diagnostics on your entire oven to identify all problems. It could be due to a poor gas feed, perhaps with damaged lines. Or it could be a failed igniter that’s stopping it from lighting. An oven is one of the more complex home appliances, so it’s advisable not to attempt the fix yourself.

On the subject of DIY fixes, you may be under the illusion that it’s a way of saving money. The truth is that this is very rarely true. For one, you need specialized tools that, if you don’t already have them, are expensive to buy. If you do choose to buy them, when will you use them again? Your repair is likely to be substandard and even dangerous, compared to that of a trained professional. Finally, you could end up doing more damage, requiring an even more expensive repair.

Here are some common problems you may experience

Won’t heat properly

If your oven won’t get up to temperature, it’s normally caused by a damaged heating element or a faulty igniter. If both the oven and the range refuse to light, the gas line could be at fault. This requires inspection by a qualified professional. If you can smell gas, everyone should immediately leave the building and call the gas provider, in that order.

If it’s the heating element or the igniter at fault, we can easily deal with that. Call us on (859) 208-1730.

The door is faulty

If your door won’t shut or is difficult to open, it could be several things. The door sensor may be faulty, or the rubber door seals are worn or damaged, or it could be the door springs, all of which can be replaced.

The oven won’t self-clean

Several parts and systems could be at fault if your oven won’t self-clean. It may need a replacement control panel, door locking motor, switch, or thermostat.

Should I replace my oven?

A well-maintained oven should last you for as many as 15 years. Ovens keep going for longer than most other types of appliances. However, if your oven is older than that, it may be a good idea to consider replacing it. If you’d like help with making that decision, or even installing your new oven, give us a call.

If you need a repair, a service, or a replacement oven, we’re here to help. Call Dylan’s Appliance Repair––the best in Covington and Cincinnati.