Washer / Dryer Repair

The convenience that comes with a modern washer and dryer combination is only really felt when one of them breaks down and you have to manage without.

Don’t let the laundry pile up before calling us at Dylan’s Appliance Repair, your best choice for appliance repair in Covington, Kentucky.

Can I fix it myself?

It depends upon the nature of the problem and how handy you are with DIY. If you’ve had a look and it’s obvious to you what the problem is, why not? You have the potential to save yourself the expense of paying for a professional repair.

However, you have to be confident that you know what’s wrong and how to fix it. The cause of the problem you are seeing may be due to another issue, for example, faulty electronics. Your DIY fix may be pointless if you haven’t addressed the underlying problem, costing you more money.

So, if it isn’t a very simple fix, like a blocked drain or damaged door seal, it’s best to call in the professionals. Dylan’s Appliance Repair is only a call away on (859) 208-1730.

Basic Maintenance Suggestions

See below for some basic things you can and should do to maintain your appliance and thus extend its working life. Anything more serious than this requires an expert’s opinion:

  • Clean the drain filter: To avoid your washing machine leaking, this should be done around once a month.
  • Remove lint from your dryer’s lint filter: Some machines will warn you when there is an excessive buildup of lint. We suggest that you clean the filter after every drying cycle.
  • Run the hot water cycle on your washer: At least once a month, run your washing machine on the hot water cycle, with no clothing in it. This will remove any film residue that has built up in the machine that can impair its efficiency and cause your clean washing to smell.


Some other problems you may encounter

Your Machine Won’t Switch On

Check that everything is plugged in. If your machine still won’t work, try it in a different outlet. You could also try plugging a different electrical appliance into the washer or dryer’s outlet, to make sure that it is delivering power. If that doesn’t work, there could be a problem with your household power supply. Call us.

Washer Won’t Spin

Check that you have the right cycle set. You may have accidentally selected a cycle that doesn’t include a spin. It could also be that the machine is overloaded.

Washer or Dryer is Noisy

Both appliances will make some noise, but you’ll get used to the correct sound and will recognize an unusual noise. Make sure it’s not a garment with metal buttons or a pocketful of coins that is rattling in the machine. If it’s not that, call us.


When to call us

If you are uncertain of what’s causing the problem, don’t take the risk of damaging your appliance further, or incurring an injury. Call Dylan’s Appliance Repair on (859) 208-1730 and we’ll be there. Your fix will be thorough and cost-effective.